Final Project Meeting Final Project Meeting
Location: Sofia

The Final project meeting of INFORMIA II took place on 9 June 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria and was attended by all project partners. See the Agenda of the meeting attached. The final evaluation and conclusions related to INFORMIA II were made during this final meeting.

Some of the main conclusions are the following:

In all partner countries the project INFORMIA II provided the trade union movement with an opportunity to assess if the information, consultation and participation processes had impacted the productivity, competitiveness, had led to improvement of corporate governance and better implementation of the European social model in general.

INFORMIA II was a well planned and ambitious project based around three European workshops, research and company case studies summarized and analyzed in the European Comparative Report (Information and Consultation in Europe - the Way Forward) and a major two-day EU-level Final conference that, on the whole, met participants' needs and expectations. The case studies, workshops and conference produced a considerable amount of information on the organization and operations of European Works Councils (EWCs) within the different legislative and cultural systems of EU Member States and Croatia. The project made an important contribution to the dissemination of information on EWCs in enterprises operating within the EU. Overall, rather than producing substantial new thinking or recommendations, the outcome from the project has been supportive of a number of existing conclusions on EWCs, in particular the conclusions from the first INFORMIA project.

In the context of economic crisis and the associated diminishing legitimacy of established approaches to corporate governance, one of the most important results of INFORMIA II project has been its contribution to identifying areas of best practice in employee information and consultation. The project has confirmed once again the contribution that effective workplace employee representation and participation structures can make to corporate productivity, effective corporate governance and broader national competitiveness. The structure of the project around national-level workshops and a final larger conference promoted the dissemination of ideas and shared experiences across a broad range of interested parties within a relatively short time frame, and has laid solid foundations for further exchanges between trade unionists, managers, academics and public policy professionals.



Agenda of the final project meeting
Final Conference of INFORMIA II Final Conference of INFORMIA II
Location: Sofia, Sheraton hotel

The final conference was carried out on 7th and 8th June 2012 in Sofia under the title: Information and Consultation in Europe - the Way Forward. Apart from the representatives from the project partner organizations in the Conference took part representatives from the European Trade Union Institute and BUSINESS EUROPE, the Bulgarian Minister of Labour and Social Policy - Mr. Totyo Mladenov, representatives from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Bulgarian Industrial Association and its Branch Chambers, members of EWCs from Bulgaria and other EU member states, the Trade Union of the Employees in UniCredit Bulbank, the Federation of Bank Unions in Bulgaria, representatives from the branch federations of CITUB, employers, HR managers and academic world (Bulgarian Academy of Science and the University of National and World Economy). As a total number there were 20 foreign participants (representatives of trade unions, EWCs, research institutes and universities) and 52 Bulgarian participants.

During the Conference the main results of the project were presented. The results from the research and case studies were also presented (some of them by members of the respective EWC).

Some of the major conclusions from the case studies and the Conference in general are related to the level of integration of the Trade Unions in the information and consultation processes which is different for the different countries. On behalf of the Employers the attitude is also different and varies from partner attitude to formal implementation of the legislation. Major influence upon the subsidiaries especially those in the new member states and candidate countries imposes the corporate culture of the mother company. A lot of benefits from the Information and Consultation and especially EWCs impacting not only the employment relations but also the economic results of the companies were defined. The main problems are related to the insufficient knowledge and experience of the EWC members; the insufficient willingness on behalf of the employers to provide adequate information, insufficient influence of the EWCs upon the collective bargaining processes and information and consultation processes at national level. Part of the measures which were proposed are related to the enlargement of the scale and coverage of information and consultation and also with the improvement of the mechanisms for interpretation of the rules and regulations stipulated by the Directives, especially the rules for the provision of information and confidentiality principle in line with the adequate information and consultation of the employees and workers.


Agenda of the Conference
Third European Workshop Third European Workshop
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

The Third European Workshop entitled Information and Consultation in Cyprus in the framework of adjusting into a voluntary and statuory system of industrial relations took place on 3 April 2012. The workshop was attended by 26 participants - the project partners, trade union officials from SEK, representatives from the Cyprus Employers' Organizations - OEB and KEVE, officials from the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, journalists from the Bulgarian newspaper issued in Cyprus and representatives of the Bulgarian people living and working in Cyprus.See the Agenda of the workshop attached and an overview of the workshop in the section MATERIALS.

Agenda of the Third European Workshop
Fourth project meeting Fourth project meeting
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus

The fourth project meeting took place in Nicosia, Cyprus. It was organized and hosted by the Cyprus Workers Confederation (SEK). All project partners participated in the meeting. During the meeting we took important decisions related to the final stage of the implementation of the project, discussed and drafted the Agenda for the Final Conference in Sofia and also decided the content of the Final Comparative Report. See the Agenda of the meeting attached.

Agenda of the fourth project meeting